Highway Girl (2008)

She leaned over him and he felt a needle jab into his arm. Before he could realize what was happening, her small hand reached under his shirt, caressed his fat paunch. The skin began to tingle as she slathered it in some kind of jelly.

“What the fuck are–“

More mindless buzzing, the voice of gossiping circular saws and nagging tattoo needles. It must have been a lullaby, because he slept.

Ah yes, “Highway Girl.” I think this one was partially inspired by a Clark Ashton Smith tale in which a werewolf attacks a robot.  This bizarro short-short is just another take on the classic “anti-rape robot impregnates rapist with mechanical spawn” tale. So yeah, it’s not for everyone, but it has some interesting gender commentary mixed in with all the blood.

Want to read it for yourself? You can still pick up copies of “Polluto # 3: Sex in the Time of VHS” over at Dog Horn Publishing.



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