Eight Black Musical Offerings


Music is always an important part of my writing process, whether I’m doing fiction, non-fiction or some mere social media scraps.

As such, I’d like to share eight tracks that correspond rather nicely with the tales of my book “Eight Black Offerings.” In some cases it’s merely a case of thematic response, but several of these were actually in heavy rotation when I wrote the associated work. As such, the music is part of the story’s DNA. Enjoy…

“Manse of the Mathematician” -> “Rew(1)” by Autechre

“My Curious Void” -> “Loosen My Grip” by Distance

“Children of IVA” ->”1996-XX-XX – Flex” by Autechre

“Subway Mandala” ->”Thrones of Nitre” by The Wyrding Module

“TrasnGenesis” -> “Bounty Killer” by Depth Charge

“God of Wounds” -> “New Millennium Cyanide Christ” by Meshuggah

“Murk” -> “Rosetta Stoned” by Tool

“The Brutes” -> “Cont No Stop” by Pye Corner Audio

I don’t recommend playing them all at once.

Anyway, if you’d like to give the stories a read, just head on over to Amazon and pick it up for a mere $2.99. All proceeds will help buy my son pancakes.


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