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Eight Black Offerings


Robert Lamb brings you eight horror stories for mature readers.

Eight black offerings on a platter. Eight dark tales for an even darker god.

Meet a mutilated adult film actor and a homicide detective who falls in love with a wound. Venture inside a deranged mathematician’s stronghold and a futuristic seafloor station full of Lovecraftian horrors. Discover dark secrets in the subway tunnels and behold the space-age madness of IVA.

You can purchase this collection as ab e-book over at your local Amazon website. It  brings together eight of my grimmer short stories, most of which have published elsewhere previously but I thought it fitting to serve them up in one easy-to-digest volume.

Update: For now, the book’s a Kindle exclusive — and it’s also available from the Kindle lending library if you subscribe to Amazon Prime. Here are the links to the various international Amazon pages for it: US IN UK DE FR ES IT JP BR CA MX AU


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