Silba Dreams of Earth (Text and Audio)


Image by Philipp Igumnov (via HSW)

The vast majority of my output at How Stuff Works and Stuff to Blow Your Mind is nonfictional in nature — or at the very least explores fictional elements as way to discuss science. But every once in a while, I get to craft fiction as a sort of thought experiment. So far, I’ve written two of these : a consideration of therapeutic sexbots titled “Edwin and the Box” and “Silba Dreams of Earth,” a transhumanist vision of life beyond Earth.

I think Silba is the better of the two pieces, but part of this might be the art. Plus, the story now exists in audio form thanks to the voice over talents of Anney Reese. She recorded the audio for the latest episode of the HowStuffWorks NOW podcast, hosted and produced by Lauren Vogelbaum. Lauren also edited the piece, resulting in some key improvements that elevated the work.

“Silba Dreams of Earth” is essentially sci-fi flash fiction. It provides a snapshot of humanity’s possible transhuman future beyond Earth. Give it a read and definitely give it a listen right here.


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