2018 Update

I haven’t touched this website in a spell, so I thought I’d provide a few updates. I’ve had a few stories lined up with publishers only to see the publications fold — and I haven’t been that great about finding the stories new homes. The main one I want to share with the world is “Delia on the Leviathan Sea” — and I have another story in the works titled “Kreiga” that I’m excited about.

The big news, however, is that one of my older tales is set to take on new life as a fiction podcast. I’ve spent the last few months revisiting the tale, stripping it down to its essentials and removing anything that didn’t work — which was basically all of the characters. It’s been a riveting experience and I already feel like script is far closer to the tale’s ideal form than anything I did with it eight years ago. There’s still some editing left to do on it, and I’m lucky to be working with a team of talented collaborators to help make it as solid as possible.  If everything goes as planned, you can look for it in 2019.

As far as my nonfictional endeavors go, I continue to write for HowStuffWorks.com and Atlas Obscura. I’m also working on an article that I hope to submit to Tor.com in the near future.


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