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Music for Grave Stomping


Music is an important part of my writing process. It helps me check out of one world and into another. It helps me find a tale’s vein and sink the needle home. So just as I did with “Eight Black Offerings,” I wanted to take a moment to recognize an influential track for each short story collected in “The Grave Stompers: Six Tales from the Southern Earth.”  Here we go…

The Grave Stompers -> “Tomorrow’s Harvest” by Boards of Canada

Thy Father’s Hands -> “The Hamburger Lady” by Throbbing Gristle

The Meat Wagon -> “Why is the Night Sad?” by Orenda Fink

Vreck Stone’s Last Match -> “Lying on a Death Bed” by Jape

No video available, listen to it here.

Buried Rivers, Sunken Heartlands -> “On Teasing” by Nina Nastasia

The Catfish Milkers -> “Burning Feet” by Banjo Consortium

There were others to be sure, but these really stood out. Listen to them. Support the artists if you like what you hear. Naturally, you can also obtain my book “The Grave Stompers” right here.


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