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Dog Horn Fiction Prize Winner

Around this time last year, Dog Horn Publishing awarded me their first Dog Horn Fiction Prize. As such, I’m involved in two exciting book projects for these fine folks and I hope you’ll consider picking them up when they become available. Fear not! I’ll be sure to provide the details as they emerge, but here’s where the projects stand right now.

Bite Me, Robot Boy: A Dog Horn anthology, this book collects stories and poems from 13 daring and talented writers singled out for excellence in the Dog Horn Prize competition. As the overall winner, I wrote the forward of this book and it also features four previously unpublished tales. How does ectoplasm ruin a young man’s life? Can a homicide detective fall in love with a wound? What happens when a male adult film star suffers a horrible injury at the hands of a maniac? All these questions shall be answered, plus you’ll get to read an early version of “My Father’s Hands,” one of the central tales in my forthcoming short fiction collection, which I’ll profile next. The book won’t officially publish till spring 2012 (and should be widely available at that point), but for now you can purchase an advance copy directly from Dog Horn Publishing.

The Grave Stompers: This is the working title for my solo book of weird southern tales. While I’ve often felt an outsider to its predominant currents, I am a product of the American South. I’ve come to accept that. The stories in this collection are my attempt to understand the landscape and cultures of this region through the lens of dream and fiction. You’ll explore a South where odd rites guard the sanctity of the dead and where widespread mutation alters small town living. You’ll meet characters who roam a landscape haunted by past abuses and atrocities. You’ll glimpse giant catfish and wander strange woods.  The tales are in the editing stage and I hope to see it published sometime this year. More updates to follow!




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