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October 2012 Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated where I am on various fiction projects. So let’s talk…

The Grave Stompers: My collection of weird southern tales is currently in the hands of an editor and should publish around March 2013. Or at least that’s the most recent theory. At any rate, the book is finished and should be out in the next several months via Dog horn Publishing.

Manse of the Mathematician: Expect this one in the next edition of Polluto (Issue 10, Wage Slave Orgy). It’s the tale of a tattoo artist who finds themselves imprisoned in a mountain fortress while the rest of an unreal Europe burns in the fires of total war. Here the world’s greatest mathematician, Marzell, seeks to solve one final mathematical problem — one that can turn the tides of an increasingly desperate war. But what horrors will he have to perpetrate to glimpse his answer? It’s a a sort of mathematical take on “120 Days of Sodom” with dark alternative history tones.

On MARTA: I always write a little something for Atlanta’s Creative Loafing Fiction Contest around this time of year. My stuff’s never the sort of thing that wins — and the stories I turn in tend to be unpolished or unfinished. I didn’t finish last year’s till last month (see “Manse of the Mathematician”). But every story I’ve written for the contest have published and a few of them are quite great in my opinion. Past entries include “A Curious Void,” “Loosen My Grip” and “My Father’s Hands.” Anyway, this year the contest theme is “The Meaning of Life,” so I’m taking the spirit of my “On MARTA” tweets and turning them into a short short.

Colossal: It’s a retro sci-fi Hindu epic in short story form. I need to bang out a second draft, but I have high hopes for this one.

Untitled young adult project: Tentatively this is my project for 2013 and beyond. I’ve been building a dark sci-fi fantasy setting in my head for eight years or so and I’m convinced this is the approach to take with it. I’m not planning to hold back on any of the darkness and weirdness, but I’ll pull back on the sex in hopes of creating something that Robert Lambs of all ages will dig.

Gyre: My other sprawling novel project. Will I finish it in 2013? 2014? Maybe. Unlike past novels I’ve worked on and set aside, I feel like this one still holds a ton of promise.

The New Oil Age: Remember my story “Trans Genesis?” Well I have an outlined approach to bust it out into a novellla. A publisher is currently weighing that option. We’ll see what happens.


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